IsoMag Corporation

Established in 1994, Isomag's corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Isomag is the world technology leader in precision flat face sealing of industrial bearing and lubrication systems. The company’s seals are specifically designed to be used for the protection of bearings and lubrication. Isomags are easy to install, are tolerant of misalignment, and perform equally well in dry running or liquid lubricated environments.


FLSmidth Krebs Engineers

The world's leader in hydrocyclone separation solutions, serving process industries since 1952. FLSmidth Krebs Engineers is recognized around the world for its knowledge and expertise in the use of hydrocyclones for the recovery and classification of solids, removal of oil from water and severe-duty slurry pumping.

FLSmidth Krebs Engineers works with an unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction and technical excellence. The result is a reputation for innovative engineering, quality products and unmatched service!


Lister Bolt and Chain

Lister Bolt and Chain, a division of Columbus McKinnon, has been an industry leader since its founding as a blacksmith shop in 1911 at Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Company has established itself as a premier manufacturer of liner bolts and accessories to OEMs, liner producers, distributors, and end users.

Lister’s primary product lines include liner bolts and the accessories required for a complete mill liner fastening system. To compliment this extensive range of liner bolts, Lister also offers a complete range of mill liner washers, seals, and nuts. Lister’s patented washer and seal assembly has become a universal standard accessory for leakage prevention in the grinding industry worldwide.




ZABCO Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of engineered rubber and urethane screening products for the mining, sand, and aggregate industries. Specializing in solving screen problems such as blinding, caking, and wear life problems where others have failed. Our cast urethane modular screens are specially formuated for extended wear life, utilizing high-tech polymers and composites to achieve elevated performance standards We can provide rubber and urethane media for the following applications:

• Dewatering Screens •
• Scalping Screens •
• Hook Screens •
• Bolt-in Screens Modular Panels with
Various Opening Sizes •

We can also retrofit or convert any screen deck to urethane or rubber screening media. Our screens can outlast wire cloth by up to 15 times and have extra heavy duty steel or cable support to provide longer life.


Continental Conveyor Components

Continental Conveyor Components, formerly Goodman-Hewitt, has been moving material for more than 100 years. In fact, the company s first in-line idler was installed in Thomas Edison s iron ore mine in the 1800’s. Today,Continental continues its tradition of innovative solutions for the materials handling market.

Continental offers a line of field-tested conveying equipment, and supplies high quality idlers, pulleys and other critical conveying equipment built to exacting CEMA specifications. Continental components are known for superior performance, outstanding reliability and low maintenance cost.


B.D.i Screen Manufacturers

BDi’s staff has over 200 years of combined experience in screen design, application and manufacturing.

BDi screens — cylinders, flat panel screens, sieve screens, and baskets — can be designed and built to fit any screening equipment and are available in any specified width and length. Size, shape and spacing of profile wire are engineered to meet job requirements. BDi screens are used in a wide variety of industries to dewater, deslime, drain and rinse, classify wet/dry, strain, filter, dry and cool. The individual wire on the working surface of the screen can be manufactured at various angles.


Techtron Metal Detection

Since 1967, Tectron Engineering has designed and manufactured high quality industrial metal detectors, providing superior tramp metal protection. Tectron's strengths are its wide-ranging experience and proven performance in solving difficult applications. The Company is well known for its positive customer service as well as being a leader in metal detection. Challenging and ever changing application requirements have led to the development of many models, each with unique features and capabilities. Whether your application needs are simple or complex, one of TectronÕs models will suit your needs. Standard units are available with minimum lead-time. If your needs are more difficult, Tectron’s applications staff will design a system to meet your special requirements. Tectron also offers a variety of accessories to enhance your detection system.


Davey Coach Sales

Davey Coach Sales, one of the leading dealers of new and used mid-sized buses and shuttles in North America, was established in July of 1992. The company handles an impressive line of coaches manufactured by some of the best in the business including Turtletop, Campion Bus, Setra, Corbeil Bus, Ameritrans, Daimler Chrysler, General Coach America, and Elkhart Coach. Davey Coach Sales, one of the leading dealers of new and used mid-sized buses and shuttles in North America, was established in July of 1992. The company handles an impressive line of coaches manufactured by some of the best in the business including Turtletop, Campion Bus, Setra, Corbeil Bus, Ameritrans, Daimler Chrysler, General Coach America, and Elkhart Coach. Davey Coach Sales will customize buses from 15 passenger units to 31+ units. The Company’s popular 15 passenger units offer an alternative to the traditional large passenger van. A generously sized passenger section provides increased comfort and safety without sacrificing maneuverability.


Saint-Gobain Ceramics

Saint-Gobain Ceramics is a worldwide manufacturer and expert of specialty refractory products for the Ceramics, Metallurgy, Foundry, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Waste Processing and Glass Making Industries. The company has the expertise to design, engineer and manufacture refractory systems for most of your demanding high temperature applications! In addition to traditional markets, Saint-Gobain manufactures silicon carbide filters, linings for wear resistant applications and products for the environmental field. Saint-Gobain can manufacture products of any shape or size, custom fit to your application’s needs.


Stockton Rubber Mfg. Co.

Stockton Rubber Mfg. Co., Inc. has been in the rubber fabricating business since 1987, providing custom and proprietary molded, mandrel built and hand built products and services to a variety of industries -including General Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Sand & Gravel and Transportation. Stockton Rubber Mfg. Co. has a complete range of its own, proven rubber compounds that have been specifically designed and tested for a wide variety of service conditions and the production methods used. In addition, Stockton Rubber Mfg. Co., Inc. is an approved applicator for both Blair Rubber Company and Polycorp — companies that are major sources of chemical tank lining elastomers.


Tapco Inc.

Tapco has been producing the best elevator buckets in the industry for more than 30 years and was the first company in the early 1970s to manufacture and distribute the popular CC design elevator buckets made from nonmetallic materials. Tapco uses the highest quality material for their buckets; 100% prime virgin high density linear polyethylene, impact modified nylon and thermoplastic urethane. The company stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in the world, some 900,000 buckets and 12 million bolts. Tapco also has the largest inventory of abrasion resistant sheeting, drag flights and hanger bearings in North America.


HMS Protec Inc.

HMS Protec Inc. is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of ceramic components for industrial wear protection systems. Protec, manufactured exclusively by HMS Protec, is a trowelable patching system utilizing ultra-high loading levels of silicon carbide and DuPont Kevlar fibers in a premium epoxy base. This unique two-part product provides exceptional wear resistance in both wet and dry applications. Available in an assortment of blends, Protec is a rapid-curing, odor-free, non-hazardous and non-corrosive solution. Protec allows the user the flexibility to put a superior wear resistant product in a specific location in real time, extending the life of traditional surfaces when a formed monolithic component is not practical.


Lok-Mor, Inc.

Lok-Mor, Inc. is a well known and respected manufacturer of commercial grade locknuts, servicing the U.S., Canada, Mexico and overseas markets. In business since 1979, the diversified product line of Lok-Mor echoes the standards of the industry. The company manufactures twenty different types of locknuts. Lok-Mor’s plant maintains an extensive inventory and manufacturing facility to supply your immediate requirements. Chemical and physical test reports are available with process certifications on request.


Cordova Bolt

We at Cordova Bolt have the largest, most diverse inventory in the West. Cordova Bolt has the largest, most diverse inventory of fasteners in the Western US. The company carries many specialty products and unlisted sizes. Some of the many products in Cordova’s inventory include: formed fittings, forged fittings, all thread rod, lock washers, hex locknuts, square head bolts, load indicator washers, tapping screws, metric products, pins, cable ties, anchors, tension break-off bolts, and machine screws.


Enduride Development

Technology and R&D are at the core of Enduride Development. The company makes the best rollers in the world and nothing else. Enduride Development can make any type of roller including customized rollers for our client’s special needs. The Enduride roller is truly unique and is protected by numerous patents around the world. The Enduride system has two unique features. First, it completely isolates the bearing system from any external contact and second, it provides additional protection against vibration, a frequent source of conveyor breakdown. System components are factory-sealed with polyurethane injected under controlled pressure, creating an additional protective barrier and a highly effective vibration damper. The Enduride roller’s exclusive Cellular Encasement Protection System creates a barrier between the bearing system and the external environment.


Minet Lacing Technology

Minet Lacing Technology provides a full range of belt fasteners and lacing systems from. After more than 50 years experience in the field of lacing systems, vulcanizing presses and special belts, Minet manufactures some very innovative products, which meet exactly the requirements of the mining industry, agriculture, food processing industry, distribution centers, heat belt transportation etc. These products were designed with the aim to provide a higher security, a longer lifetime and a easier installation without the need of specific skill. High quality standards and innovating product constructions participate to improve the splice in the belting and transmission technology.



ConveyorBelt, a division of Rubber & Plastics, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and distribution of conveyor belting and belt accessory products, providing the most complete selection of Conveyor Belt Cleats and Belting Chevrons available. ConveyorBelt’s Heavy Duty Belts are general purpose, RMA Grade II belts that provide high performance and long service life. They are designed to convey materials at a very low cost per ton. The company’s products are available in two-, three-, and four-ply construction with covers of RMA Grade II rubber. They are durable and long-lasting in abrasive applications, resistant to cuts and gouges, flexible at lower temperatures, and ideal for conveying sand and gravel, lime stone, crushed rock, slag, coke, coal, cement rock, phosphate rock and most material weighing between 50 and 120 Ibs. per cubic foot.


Fusion Systems

The Fusion Systems name has meant exceptional quality and outstanding customer service in supplying conveyor belt splicing and repair equipment. Fusion Systems has become the industry’s single-source for supplying the most comprehensive range of belt splicing and repair materials, specialized tools, wear and corrosion protection products, and a wide range of conveyor belting. Fusion Systems has proven itself to be an innovator and leader in the development of new products. The ECRF Environmentally friendly cold bond cement, and the FAST FIX Cartridge Repair System are examples of unique solutions that meet the needs of industry..


Magnetic Products, Inc.

Since 1984, Magnetic Products, Inc. has become a worldwide provider of material handling solutions including industrial magnetic separation and magnetic & non-magnetic materials handling equipment. The company’s separators are available in permanent Ceramic or Rare Earth magnetic material, Electro-magnetic and are offered in manual quick clean and automatic self clean models.


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